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Introduced in 1982, our Library Service provides quite a large selection of books, either on audio-cassettes or in Braille, for serious study as well as for recreation. We have benefited from contacts with the U.S. Library of Congress and other sources of material.

Blind users in rural areas are reached through the postal service, and attempts are being made to provide easier access to material through the Jamaica Library Service branches in Mandeville and elsewhere.

A Kurzweil reading machine at the Headquarters permits a user to access printed material, while the Library co-ordinates a programme in which student users, particularly at the tertiary level, are assisted by volunteer readers. Making use of the Library.

Our Library has been serving users well over the years, but more space is needed, both for shelves and for reading-room facilities. There is always, too, a need for volunteer readers and people to help with cataloguing and the maintenance of audiocassettes.

If you wish to use our library services or to volunteer your services, please contact the librarian, Mr. Henrique Lawson JSB-online.com .

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