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Mr.Conroy Harris

Director Of Programmes, Jamaica Society For The Blind

One member of the management team at the Jamaica Society for the Blind is Conrad Harris. Mr. Harris who is totally blind, hails from the parish of St. Catherine. As a young child his favourite pastimes were climbing trees, listening to cricket and reading. Until he started attending the Salvation Army School for the Blind in the early 1970's reading was very difficult since he could only see to read very large print. Young Harris did very well at the School for the Blind and he was later sent to Calabar High School where he completed sixth form.

Mr. Harris is a graduate of the Caribbean Institute of Mass Communication (now the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication, at the University of the West Indies. Prior to joining the staff of the Jamaica Society for the Blind he did part-time work with the Oral History Project at the University of the West Indies and he also worked as coordinator for two training programmes sponsored by the Caribbean Council for the Blind.

Mr. Harris is married and has a one year-old daughter. He is a member of the Greater Portmore Baptist Church. His current interests are music and computers.

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