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The JSB regularly shares its experience with other groups working for the blind. We are closely associated with the Lions Club, the Combined Disabilities Association and the Jamaica Council for the Disabled, while being an active member of the National Prevention of Blindness Committee, which seeks to eliminate the overlap of services and to optimize the quality of eye care offered.

We are also centrally involved in the work of the Caribbean Council for the Blind, and enjoy a good relationship with other overseas organizations such as Hilton / Perkins International, the Canadian National Institute for the Blind and the Royal National Institute for the Blind in Britain.

In addition, the general support given to us by Sight Savers International and Christoffel Blindenmission has enabled us to significantly improve our services to blind and visually impaired persons in Jamaica.

Other Activities

Regular meetings of the Adult Blind Club at the Headquarters remain popular, and the JSB continues its close relationship with the very active Old Students' Association of the School for the Blind .

In recent times, attempts have been made to hold a Quarterly Forum at the Headquarters where, in the context of a social gathering, members benefit by receiving useful information as well as good entertainment.

The National Cultural Group for the Blind, based at the Headquarters, practices regularly and performs musical items both in and out of the Corporate Area. It is hoped that other activity groups, such as debating, craftwork, foreign languages and literary clubs, will be established both in Kingston and in other communities.

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